Oak Life roots are an inward focus—going deep with God. They include our values and beliefs, discipleship, knowledge of scripture, tradition, and place.

Roots are developed through our regular weekly gatherings and other opportunities for study and reflection. Throughout each season, we focus on specific times of prayer or fasting. Sometimes we’ll do it together, and sometimes we’ll do it individually.

We also periodically invite the Oak Life community to get away from it all, rest, reflect, and center on God’s reality for our lives and the world by going on spiritual retreats.

Here are some ways we're going deep together right now:
-Life Groups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and first Sundays
-Weekly music practice
-Cups and Couches periodic gatherings
-Reading on the Blog
-Periodic Retreats

Email Chris to learn more:


Oak Life branches are an outward focus—joining God at work in the world. They stretch and connect us, providing perches and shelter to the greater community.  One of the way's Oak Life regularly reaches out is by giving away our offering every 3rd Sunday of the month.  Another important way we extend our branches is through our partnership with Project Peace East Bay whom we support financially and volunteer with whenever they host a "day of service".

Branches can also include things like neighborhood cleanups, overseas ministry, putting on a benefit show for a non-profit, or volunteering at a local festival. Opportunities to serve and grow are happening continuously, and whenever possible, they’re listed on the Oak Life Community—Upcoming board.